Lynda Battaglia, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a licensed clinical social worker for the last 25 years, Lynda has worked in multiple areas of the mental health world including crisis intervention, forensic services, and trauma response.

Her background consists of acute intervention, advocacy, and clinical administration including macro-level changes for systems and operations. Lynda worked for the state office of mental health for 14 years in various roles. Currently, she is the Director of Mental Health and Community Services for Genesee County. Additionally, Lynda is also an adjunct professor at SUNY UB.

Throughout her career, she has been culturally sensitive and competent in working with law enforcement, corrections, fire, EMS, medical, peers in the field, and crisis mobile teams. Working on the front line impacts a person on a level that only some can truly understand. Lynda would like to be able to help those that help others in a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed way.

Areas of Expertise:

Law Enforcement/Corrections
First Responders
Crisis Workers
Work-related trauma