Tara L. Hay, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (with Psychotherapy Privilege)
Deciding to take a stand on your mental health is a bold and courageous personal step. I have a deep passion to help women navigate mental health issues related to battling infertility, miscarriage, child loss along with women’s health related issues. I am aware how these issues impact mental health by increasing depression and anxiety, self esteem, body image and impact relationships and finances. Additionally, I have extensive experience in working with individuals battling chemical dependency, anger issues, difficulty in relationships, financial hardships and struggling to meet their own personal goals. I am educated in evidenced-based treatments including Motivational interviewing, Trauma-informed therapy, Cognitive processing therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution focused and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This is your moment. If you are exhausted with how you are feeling, you have felt like you have been battling your thoughts and emotions on your own, it is time to take your peace back and have support that will lead you to the person that you are striving to become. Do not continue to suffer in silence. Reach out for your first session to start your journey.

Areas of Expertise:

Infertility / Miscarriage / Child Loss

Chemical Dependency

Anxiety / Depression


Relationship Issues